The Silent Ones


Jalen Paranormal

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<p>When no one would want to hear what you have to say, why speak? </p><p>Catriona Belle Abott hasn't spoken one word in eleven years. The pack she was f****d into hates her, but they don't even know her. When Jay Carson, Alpha King, comes to the pack, maybe she'll get a reason to stop being silent and step out of the role of being an unappreciated runt  and step into her new role as the Luna Queen. </p><p>


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Chapter 25

      Catriona smiled as she balances her food on her belly. Jay laughed as she did so.
"I didn't think that belly had so many bonuses." He joked. Catriona laughed and leaned over to sneak a quick kiss. Jay grinned and kissed her back.

"I have to use the bathroom. Can you help me up?" Jay got out of bed and pulled her up.

"Do y……