Daughter of Light

Revien Rodriguez Fantasy

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"You, my dear, are a demigod." She said.

"Excuse me, what?" Her granddaughter asked.

"You're one of a kind, dear."


Clover Beckert wasn't exactly living the best life. Yeah, she was studying in a private boarding school. But she didn't know any relative of hers much less her parents. Being abused, dyslexic and looking like a complete nerd didn't make it any better.

But her life was changed when she knew who she was.



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Chapter 36

~Chapter 36~

Anger, sadness, depression, loneliness – those feelings aren’t even beginning to describe what I really feel. Let’s just say it felt like someone stabbed a knife on my chest and ripped my heart out then tore it to fine pieces. It left me weak and vulnerable inside. This was the emotional pain I was saying. It ruins yo……