In an Alternate Universe

Rithan Haize Dullona YA&Teenfiction

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Karissa Olivia Perez is your bookish, anime-loving 19 year old hopeless romantic who lived a simple life and wanted nothing more than to love and be loved deeply in return. o years ago, while having a vacation in England, she thought she has finally found the love she has been seeking. Apparently not. Returning home with a broken heart, she invested all her time and attention at school and self-improvement. Her life went back to the way it was, or the way it should be as she slowly forgot about the boy she had met during her time in England. But not quite. He haunts her in her dreams with his deep, azure blue eyes, his laugh and his smile. And she was handling her “nightmares” quite well (or so she tells herself). Everything was fine and all, until one rainy Friday night of mid-June, her life as well as her family, turned upside-down, when her late grandfather’s lawyer, a man they’ve seen only once their entire lives, went into their home and revealed another last will of testament entitling them an ownership to a big construction company and a few smaller companies, a big mansion and an extremely huge sum of money. With him was also a letter to everyone in the family. It was on that night, unknowingly, her “nightmare” would haunt her back in person in form of one of her grandfather’s wishes.


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