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**MxM. If you're reading "His Weakness", this is the story of Theo and Phil.**

Theo Blackwell is a good looking kid with a hot temper and a tendency to run toward trouble. Successful running back of the football team, he's always been a part of the popular crowd.

Phil Echevaria is the shy, introverted new kid on the block. When the infamous Theo intervenes during an incident with the school bully, Phil winds up on his radar. When friendship morphs into something else, can the innocent introvert and corrupted extrovert maintain their close relationship? Or will gender norms and peer expectations drive them apart?


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Epilogue 2

It was a merger between two local hotel chains that made me late to the reunion—I was deciding if I should just buy the second but the current owner was being a real arse about the whole thing, trying to push the amount I’d pay up as far as they could because they knew that I wanted it.

    “Don’t sign that,” was Ti……